Coffee machines for cafes need to be the profit centre for your business. Diva’s professional coffee machines offer outstanding reliability plus a range of features to ensure that only the best espresso gets made. Temperature and pressure stability will ensure that the coffee is consistent while strong steam pressure will speed up the beverage making process for milk based drinks.

All of our machines feature automatic dose control and precise temperature stability. Through the computerised interface you can set the exact temperature for each boiler and group head. There are counters for all the drinks so you can track your sales and your usage of each drink selection. We also offer grinders that directly connect to your cafe coffee machine to provide a pre-programmed grind time for each drink.

Our goal is to help you to make your cafe more profitable and your coffee making easier.

  • Automatic dose control
  • Full temperature control of groups and boilers
  • Separate water boilers and steam boilers
  • One and Two Groups for varying capacity
  • Twin steam arms on 2 group machines
  • Automatic grinders

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