Choosing the Correct Milk Jugs

We sell a range of different sized milk jugs and there’s a lot of confusion over which jug to use for which drinks. The most common sizes we use for milk frothing are 400ml, 600ml, 1000ml and 1.5L. Here’s a quick summary of the different jugs 400ml – these are challenging to get used to […]

Automatic Coffee Machines at AGE

We had a great time showing our Automatic Coffee Machines at the Australian Gaming Expo. This is Australia’s largest exhibition aimed at the pubs and clubs market and is mind-blowingly huge. We were lucky enough to share our stand with the juice guys from Fructomat. Our machines had a great response and we had heaps […]

How Taste is Determined by Cafe Coffee Machines

Have you ever had a terrible coffee and wondered why? There’s a number of factors that determine the taste of coffee made through a cafe coffee machine and I’ll briefly cover them here. The cafe coffee machine will control the temperature and the pressure, and can also influence the dose (filter basket size) and pour […]

3 Essentials to check before getting a cafe coffee machine

So you have a cafe, and you’d like to choose the best coffee machine for your business! Many of our customers come to use looking for the cheapest price that they can get, for an item that could earn them lots of money. Saving $1000 on a coffee machine could cost you tens of thousands […]

Milk trouble shooting video for HLF machines

All fresh milk machines need to be cleaned daily for hygiene reasons. In some busy offices or shops some important aspects of the cleaning can be missed, leading to milk troubles. The normal indication is that steam comes out, but no milk comes through the frother. If you have steam, but no milk, please view this video […]

Howdy to Eat, Drink, Love Organic

We”re very excited to have a new customer on board. Eat, Drink, Love Organic is now selling some great food at 206 Bondi Rd, Bondi.  Open 10am to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 8pm weekends. Eat, Drink, Love offer home delivery of organic foods to the Eastern suburbs, including fresh foods and grocery items. Hop onto Menu […]