Touch Screen, Wifi ConnectedLarge Office Coffee Machine

  • Touch screen interface with video function
  • Twin milk (Full fat and Skim)
  • Twin beans (choose 2 different beans)
  • Self Cleaning rinses milk after each cup
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connection for remote support
  • Amazing hot and cold milk foam
  • Stunning design and appearance
  • Quiet operation with sound insulation
  • 15 pre-selections to fine tune your coffee, chocolate or chai

A high capacity machine to serve all the Divas in your office. Plenty of beans, milk and chocolate to keep you going all day. The complete package costs $15,500 or $115 per week and includes:

Package Inclusions

  • HLF Cafetouch Superautomatic Coffee Machine, made in Italy
  • Compressor fridge with glass door. Holds 6 liters of milk
  • Metro delivery and installation
  • Water connections, Britta filters and fittings.
  • Setup and training

What makes an HLF Cafetouch coffee machine from Coffee Machine Express special?

  • Great on-site service within 24 hours in metro areas
  • Regional support plans are available to qualified customers
  • Amazing coffee quality, award winning coffee
  • One touch latte, cappuccino
  • Chocolate and Chai Latte options
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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At Coffee Machine Express we offer a true national and full regional coverage. These special prices are for metropolitan areas only, however we do have lots of regional customers so just ask us to work out a very special price for wherever you are in this great country of ours. Our bulk buying, together with the great Aussie Dollar means you will be pleasantly surprised wherever you wish to enjoy your coffee experience.

FREE Extended Parts Warranties are available by prior arrangement if you commit to buying our award winning coffee beans. Call us on 1300 795 282 for more information.


Still not sure? Ask us about a demonstration

All about the HLF Aria…

The HLF Aria super automatic coffee machine is a great addition to a large office. The machine combines an automatic milk frothing and heating device that runs to an external milk fridge. This coffee machine also does hot chocolate and other flavours to keep your staff happy. The twin milk allows more of your staff and customers to get the drinks that they want. The beans are ground for each cup to provide the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte. With 2 bean choices you can have more options for Fair Trade, Single Origin or Decaf.

The Aria is perfect for an office or catering event where high volumes of coffee need to be produced with an excellent taste.

With up to 15 different drink selections available in 3 different sizes you’ll never be short of choices and flexibility. The computerised interface allows you full flexibility for programming your drink selections and tracking usage.

  • fresh milk
  • 12 selections
  • 3 drink sizes
  • cup sensor
  • 1.5 kg freshly ground beans
  • 3 powders (chocolate, soup/decaf/chai)
  • dimensions(HxWxD):  820 x 450 x 600 mm
  • cup size: up to 16oz

Call us now on 1300 795 282 to discuss your requirements