Meet the team

Find out more about our team. You may have more in common with us then you think.

Zel Trojko


Zel came to CME in July 2018. While he was new to the coffee industry he has a business background that most business owners would swoon over.


He’s been in business for himself for close to [ how many years ] in some highly competitive industries. He has an uncanny ability to look at a P&L and recognise the opportunities in business within minutes.


Zel is based in our Sydney office day to day and has a real focus on assisting our cafe owners to become more profitable through some pretty cool partnership ideas.

Zel’s favourite coffee is a double shot latte and he’s currently training to ride his pushbike throughout Europe on a [ how many days ] charity event in aid of [ … ] a subject close to his heart.

Peter Sheen (aka ‘the coffee whisperer)​


Peter was the owner of CME QLD until November 2018 when he merged the business with the national company to take on his new role. He started the business in 2009 after leaving a successful corporate career.


Peter is an electrical engineer by trade with a masters in franchising and years of experience in project management and national operations roles. He thoroughly enjoys helping our larger corporate clients project manage role outs and finding ways to make the more obscure coffee machine requirements work. The most intriguing installation he’s had to date was installing an automatic machine into a touring bus.


Peter earned his nickname ‘the coffee whisperer’ from clients who were constantly amazed by his ability to listen to a coffee machine diagnosing, and often solving faults even over the phone.


Peter’s favourite coffee is a full cream latte by a beach near Ballina somewhere. When he’s not working he’s building his latest Lego creation in preparation for that years Christmas village.


Administration and Customer Support

Sharon is our admin rockstar and generally keeps the office ticking along.


She is our first line in customer support and is the person you’ll speak to when you call the 1300 number. Sharon has been with CME for 4 years so she pretty well knows everything about everyone around the office.


Sharon would never tell you but she is an amazing artist, creating the most beautiful portraits of pets that you’ll ever see.

Her favourite coffee is a latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup


Technician Melbourne

Rod is a highly experienced technical manager. He’s been with CME for 3 years and he’s passionate about customer service… even if that means he has to leave home at 3 am to service a cafe machine before they open.


Rod is just as passionate about classic cars and has a 1970s something Falcon which he recently drove interstate just because he could.

Rod’s favourite coffee is a long black


Technician Sydney


Glenn has been with CME for (close to) ten years as our NSW technical support.


On any given day Glenn could be servicing a machine on the Central Coast in the morning and finishing out his day in Campbelltown setting a grinder for a cafe.

Glenn’s favourite coffee is a latte and in his downtime, he plays with electric trikes or can be found cruising up and down the Parramatta River in his tinnie.


Technician Brisbane

Jim is the newest recruit to the CME stable. Don’t let that fool you though he has a career in electronics that would put most tradies to shame.


Jim can be found pulling apart a coffee machine circuit board ‘just for fun’ and he loves nothing more than putting the new machines through their paces before they get to the clients.

Jim’s favourite coffee is a strong flat white. Outside of work you’ll still find Jim pulling apart something electrical to learn how it works.