Choosing the Correct Milk Jugs

We sell a range of different sized milk jugs and there’s a lot of confusion over which jug to use for which drinks. The most common sizes we use for milk frothing are 400ml, 600ml, 1000ml and 1.5L. Here’s a quick summary of the different jugs

400ml – these are challenging to get used to on a full sized cafe machine because the milk heats quickly and it’s easy to spill foam everywhere as you froth it. But it’s the jug I reach for first because it’s perfect for a small latte or cappuccino, my 2 favourite milk based drinks. The 400ml jug will fill a 180-230ml cup perfectly and you get used to not having wasted milk. If a customer orders a small/regular sit down coffee, this is the jug. But not quite big enough for a small takeaway coffee that usually comes in at 250ml.

600ml – these are the mainstay for most cafes. Easier to use than a 400ml as you have more time to stretch the milk and it doesn’t spill. A 600ml jug perfectly does a large sit down drink, or a small or large takeaway drink. It can also squeeze out 2 small sit down coffees. I usually split the milk if I’m doing 2 drinks.

1000ml – about as large as I normally recommend, this will pump out 2 large lattes or cappuccinos. It’s very easy to texture the milk when you’ve got this much time, but you definitely need to split the milk before pouring. Also good for 3 or 4 small sit down coffees.

1500ml – this huge milk jug is good for occasional large orders and cleaning duties. Especially great for cleaning group handles. When you get to this size jug you risk the milk separating before you get the chance to split it.

When we supply a cafe with jugs we usually recommend the following list:

  • 2 x 400ml
  • 3 x 600ml
  • 2 x 1000ml
  • 1 x 1500ml

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