3 Essentials to check before getting a cafe coffee machine

So you have a cafe, and you’d like to choose the best coffee machine for your business! Many of our customers come to use looking for the cheapest price that they can get, for an item that could earn them lots of money. Saving $1000 on a coffee machine could cost you tens of thousands in lost sales.

Firstly – does the look match your business? Having a stunning looking machine at the front of your shop can massively increase your sales. Coffee is an emotive product, so customers are expecting a coffee machine that projects the right image.

Cafe Coffee Machine
cafe coffee machine

Secondly – does it make a fantastic coffee? I’m always shocked at the number of customers who sell coffee – but don’t sell good coffee. The quality in the cup is partly due to the quality of the coffee machine. This includes the temperature stability, the pump pressure and the steam pressure. Increasing quality increases sales and profits!

Thirdly – is it reliable and well supported? Any time you mix hot water, pumps and electricity means you’ll have a breakdown at some stage. A cafe relies on the ability to make coffee all the time, otherwise you’ve got customers going to your competitors.

So don’t aim to save a few bucks now, only to get burnt down the track. Choose carefully before getting the right equipment.