Descaling a Saeco Royal Cappuccino or Royal Professional

Most coffee machines need to be descaled every 80 to 500 cups depending on the water hardness in your area. Your Royal Cappuccino or Royal Professional should show a message when descaling is required.

Descaling takes about 45 minutes and the coffee machine needs to be cold so plan ahead when you have a suitable time to do it. You’ll need a bottle of liquid descaler.

Tip out any water in your coffee machine. Empty the contents of the liquid descaler into your coffee machines water container, add about one litre of cold fresh water. The cleaning solution will come out of the steam spout so have a large empty container ready to catch it!

Turn on your coffee machine.

Press the “Menu” button, scroll through the options until “DESCALING” is shown on the screen. Press “ENTER”

“13 DESCALING” will be displayed on the screen.

Slowly open the steam nozzle by turning the black steam knob.

“MACHINE IS DESCALING” will be displayed on the screen.

For the next 45 minutes water will intermittently squirt out of the steam nozzle, emptying the water container. Once this is finished “DESCALING FINISHED” will be displayed on the screen.

Close the steam knob to stop further water being pumped. Press the “ENTER” button, “RINSE MACHINE” will be displayed.

Rinse the coffee machine water container thoroughly and fill it with cold water. Run the entire container through the steam nozzle by twisting the black knob. Water will come out of the steam nozzle AND the autofrother.

Once the tank is emptied “RINSING FINISHED” will be displayed. Close the steam nozzle and press the “ENTER” button to quit the descaling process.

You now need to reset the message asking you to descale your machine.

Press “MENU” and use the up/down keys to move the asterisk till the end of the line on the menu “Sign. Descal” and confirm the selection with the “ENTER” button.

The following message will be displayed: “RESET DESCALING ” “NO”

Use the up/down keys to change the selection to “YES” and press “ENTER”.

Through this reset operation, the internal counters of the two water systems are reset and the message DESCALE is removed.