How to get a hot cup of coffee

How to make a Hot cup of coffee

We get many inquiries on how to make a HOT cup of coffee. This is actually quite easy if you follow the right steps.
Why is coffee often cold?

The 2 parts of a white coffee are milk and espresso. Let”s start with the espresso:

The water for the espresso has to come out of the boiler at about 90-95 degrees centigrade. To achieve a quality espresso the water needs to hit the ground coffee at about 90 degrees, any hotter will leave a burnt taste. If the metal filter cup is cold then the espresso will lose a lot of heat on the way through. After leaving the filter cup the espresso pours through cold air losing more heat. If it hits a cold cup then most of the heat will have left the coffee by the time you drink it.

What makes milk cold?

If you froth your own milk in a jug then the temperature is up to you. Traditionally milk is served at around 60 to 70 degrees spielautomaten online to prevent burnt milk and burnt lips. If you use an auto frother then the temperature is dependent on the rate of flow of the milk through the frothing device. To get a hotter milk using an auto frother squeeze the tube to slow the milk flow.

What makes a long black cold?

A long black should be made by adding hot water to an espresso. The temperature of the water that you add and the heat of the cup will determine the temperature.

So how do I get a hot coffee

  • Pre-heat your cups, make them HOT! A cold cup reduces the temperature by 20 degrees.
  • Use ceramic cups. Not pottery, not glass.
  • Preheat your filter cup and coffee machine by making a “blank” coffee. To do this make a coffee without any ground coffee in the filter cup.
  • In automatic machines make a coffee using the bypass doser without putting coffee in it.
  • Make long blacks by adding HOT water to an espresso
  • If you”re using an auto-frother squeeze the milk tube to reduce the flow rate.
  • Froth your own milk using a milk wand. Use a thermometer to check the temperature.

A cold coffee is rarely the fault of the coffee machine. If the coffee was to come out of the boiler any hotter it would affect the taste of the coffee. It”s up to you to make sure that the coffee is made in the correct environment to hold the heat.

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