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Find out more about our range of cafe traditional and fully automatic office coffee machines.

Office Solutions

Specialising in office coffee machines no office is too big or too small. CME has clients from Cairns to Tasmania, Broken Hill to Bendigo.
1- 1

Our ‘Office’ package will be perfect for your small office.

1- 1
Office Plus

Our ‘Office Plus’ package will be right at home in the lunch room or reception area.

1- 1

The ‘Supreme’ combines the best coffee with easy to use technology.

1 +
Supreme Plus

The ‘Supreme Plus’ a true heavy duty workhorse, no challenge is too great.

Why Us?

Regardless of whether you work in an office or a cafe, there are a few things every coffee machine owners wants to know.

  • What sort of machine is right for me
  • What happens if the machine breaks down
  • What does the ongoing maintenance and support look like

We exists to ensure that no matter whether you’re an office looking to appease your team with an automatic coffee machine or the local bakery who’s decided to offer a coffee with your sausage roll for morning tea or somewhere in between we have the knowledge, the know how and the expertise to connect you with the right machine for the job

After all… Life’s too short to drink anything less than excellent coffee