Automatic Coffee

Café-quality coffee in your office

A full range of packages available to suit 20 – 300+ staff.
Everything you need to make true espresso from only
$0.20 per cup. What are you waiting for?

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Café Coffee

Boost your café's coffee sales

Don’t just buy a coffee machine, partner with an award-
winning coffee company
. Barista training, ongoing
marketing assistance, and technical support.

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Coffee Tools

Perfect your coffee making

A good set of barista tools allows you to make the perfect coffee.

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Coffee Beans

It's all about the beans!

Multi-award-winning coffee beans delivered to your door.
Experience the difference with our premium café coffee
blend roasted freshly on-site daily.

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Coffee Machine Express

Bring some quality into your cafe, office or home with Coffee Machine Express. Our team is dedicated to providing a high quality coffee option to our customers. If you’re a cafe we can supply a complete solution including award winning coffee.

We have an extensive range of office coffee machines to suit any size office, backed up with extended warranties and service. We also have a range of coffee supplies to suit workplaces and cafe coffee machines. For the home coffee consumer we have selected reliable and well priced home coffee equipment.

Automatic coffee machines are ideal for self service situations where staff or customers need a coffee at the press of a button.

We have a great range of commercial coffee equipment to suit your requirements including full delivery and installation.

If you want something GREAT to start the day we have our own award winning coffee blend.

We supply cafe machines and office coffee machines in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We also have distributors for the HLF machines in other states.

Phone: 1300 795 282

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